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WebSense Agile Journey

We received coaching and training by Agile Spirit. We needed to properly restructure our company teams. Some teams had to address several stressed projects at once. An other group was in the last line before release and had to deal with large mass of bugs, other teams had to deal with giving services to all of the teams and it turned to be harder and harder to properly test our products. In addition, other sites in the world already began to work Agile and we had to align in no-time with the corporate agile methodologies. We had also concerns with the will and the ability of the teams to accept the change to agile processes and to “play the game”, there was a real risk to have some key people leaving the company.


In a retrospective we achieved all the goals we defined in a very short time, less than six months.


Agile Spirit facilitated a two-days offsite workshop and we finally defined the team structure, also we got a better picture of the dynamics within the site. The teams began very quickly to plan, retrospect, and globally speaking- to work agile. We were able to deliver early partial versions. Also the mentoring helped me, as the General Manager, to understand the critical need for automatic testing, and by the first mentoring month, we had an automatic testing implementation plan ready, very aggressive one indeed.


There were a lot of oppositions to the change followed by the new processes but Haim easily dealt well with them. Haim has the ability to change someone mindset with one single sentence.


After nine months of implementation, after Agile Spirit ended their intervention, we turned to be the leading agile processes group within the entire company
(although we began one year after the other sites).

Learn about Websense’s Agile Journey: presentation

Learn about Websense’s Agile Journey: Video


Ami Kleinman, General Manager, Websense (currently: Forcepoint)

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