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Telmap Agile Journey

Haim coached us at Telmap when I was head of PMO. We got both training and mentoring. I was certified CSM by Haim.


At that time, Telmap was in full expansion with several new projects and a development team distributed in three geographical locations. We had hard time with both managing all these projects, merging the QA into our development process, hiring new people, leading the distributed development.


Haim helped with adapting Agile and Scrum to our specific needs, we built together artifacts which helped to manage the complexity, mentoring me and other key people in the company, and showed us the path to change our mindset to more agility.


The results were precise, we succeeded to deliver very quickly quality products, the coordination among the distributed teams was significantly increased, and the overall atmosphere in the company turned to be excellent.


Finally we were acquired by Intel, I can’t say that it was due to Haim alone, but he had a part in this success.


Rachel Ben-hanoch, head of PMO, Telmap

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