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Agile Mentoring for Hi-Tech Companies

Our mission is to help you and your organization to overcome successfully XXI century unique challenges.



At Agile Spirit, we have developed and tested proprietary Platforms wisely tailored to your specific needs, to help you achieve Anti-fragility in your organization.

Agile Spirit Platform concept add an abstraction level atop frameworks, methodologies, tools, processes and activities, which let us focus on the transition and adaptation process itself.

“By doing agile you will go somewhere, by being Agile you will go anywhere”. Haim Deutsch.

High-tech organizations have very specific needs and challenges. Just to mention few:

  • Lack of flexibility
  • Lack of transparency
  • Lack of motivation
  • “We don’t see the big picture”
  • Unable to plan for the long range
  • Management work have difficulties to understand what is going on with the execution
  • Communication challenges
  • Lack of leadership at mid-management level
  • Micro-management
  • Unstable workplan
  • Lack of smart resources
  • Requirements and specs unclear
  • A fuzzy sentiment that things shall go much easier and better. “we are not as productive as we shall be”
  • Growth and expansion pain. “we grew within the last year from 7 to 30 people”
  • “We receive specifications to late”
  • Previous project maintenance, support, legacy code, rejects and bug treatment plan and management
  • Matrix and orthogonal organization structure challenges
  • Hybrid organizations running both waterfall and Agile teams
  • Global company with distributed teams.

If you suffer from some of these, you are not alone. Most of the organizations in our century, experience the same challenges.

In one hand these challenges are widely observed all over the globe, but, on the other hand, your organization is unique! You have your own particular flavor of these impediments. Your organization, in particularity, relies on your industry, your size, your history, your culture, your specific constrains, your past organizational traumas, your organizational maturity, your growth stage, your people.

Why one would think that there is a generic methodology which will help you successfully to deal, not with these known challenges, but with your challenges?

WE are looking at your organization as a living entity, in its whole!

In order to help you and your organization to deal successfully with these real-life challenges and constraints, we developed an Agile Spirit Platform concretely oriented toward High-Tech Mid/Big organizations special constellation. Utilizing this platform, we will tailor a successful transition/mentoring process specifically adapted to your unique ecosystem and define a journey path which will take you toward high levels of leadership agility as well as anti-fragility for your organization as whole.

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