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Scrum Escape Room – Café Meetup

Google Tel-Aviv Campus. Electra Tower. 98 Igal Alon St., 34th Floor | 9 Nov, 2016

Agile-Spirit is launching an Agile Café Meetup as part of our Agile Community activitybringing together all Agile leaders, enriching participants with recent Agile related topics and case studies, delivered by top Mentors & Lecturers.

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Scrum Escape Room – Coaching Game 

(Session will be held in Hebrew)


18:30 – 19:00 – Mingling , Pizza, Beers

19:00 – 19:05 – Opening (By David  Peles)

Welcome to the first ‘Scrum Masters’ meetup event

19:05 – 19:10 – Sponsor  (By Shahar Asher)

‘Agile-Spirit’ Sponsorship representative

19:10 – 19:20 – Keynote (David Peles)

The invention of the ‘Super Teams’ workshops series and why ‘Trust’ was defined as the first session.

Introducing the 13 ‘Trust’ practices (by Mr.Franklin Covey)

19:20 – 20:50 –  The ‘Scrum Escape Room’ – Challenge of Agility and Trust

The group splits into teams (5 people each) and start simulating Scrum Master challenges followed by the ‘Trust’ practices

20:50 – 21:05 – 15 Minutes Break

21:05 – 21:25 – The MineField game

A Fun Game about ‘Trust’ based of group of blind people crossing a MineField.

21:25 – 21:30 – Closing


Workshop  Description:

Scrum Escape Room is a game about being in ‘Trust’!

‘Trust’ can be achived only if you ‘Let Go’ while allowing yourself to someone else ideas, perspective, dynamics!

It is S-C-A-R-Y to challenge your Comfort Zone, since you will always have the doubt whether to trust a team member, friend , husband/wife etc…

During the meetup we will train ourselves to share our needs with each other in order to fade our doubts and make room for Trust, revealing the power of Trust for achieving common or individual goals while “reaching the sky… ”

The coaching game will be demonstrated through the Agile/Scrum methodology.

The game is designed for: Scrum Masters, Managers, Product owners, Developers, Testers, DevOps or anyone who is familiar with the Agile R&D Process.

About the Speakers

David Peles

Start-Ups Mentor

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David Peles has 10 years of proven experience implementing Agile methodology. David lead Agile-Scrum and Waterfall-to-Scrum/Kanban transitions and lead Start-Ups to achieve their goals and accelerate their R&D process and deliveries, quality and team collaboration whether on or off shore.

David is specializing in building Agile ‘Super Teams’, motivating teams and directors to challenge their comfort zone. He has extensive experience in establishing and implementing Lean ,Kanban and Scrum  such a Trustware, Wck-Grc, Intel and HP


Shahar Asher

Director of Business Development

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Shahar has joined Agile Spirit on February 2015 as the Director of Business Development & Marketing.

Shahar is a Recanati alumnus, holds an MBA at Marketing and International Management from TAU, 2001.

Shahar is an entrepreneur in his soul and a ‘Social Animal’ as his friends & colleagues describes him. He likes to connect between people, motivate and move them from their comfort zone, create alliances and activities for the benefit of the individual, companies or organizations.
Shahar has over 20 years of experience in various high-tech fields within the context of: business development, marketing, sales, recruitment, events management, meetings, clients account management, networking, and more.
Shahar has served as a former business consultant an for start-up at the M.A.T.I (entrepreneur development center)

More about Shahar.. is a former Tel-Aviv Yafo running champion. On his spare time Shahar likes to help people in their career and job search and in finding their soulmate through his Speed-Dating events…




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