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REMOTE AGILE – Café Meetup

Google Tel-Aviv Campus. Electra Tower. 98 Igal Alon St., 34th Floor | 20 April, 2017

Agile-Spirit is launching an Agile Café Meetup as part of our Agile Community activitybringing together all Agile leaders, enriching participants with recent Agile related topics and case studies, delivered by top Mentors & Lecturers.

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At this meetup we’re going to have three insightful talks –


1. Running Agile for Remote/Mobile workers (by Ilana Vaiman)

Abstract: The millennial generation, now entering into employment, will reshape the world of work. Are you ready?
We are no longer in the era of the factory worker; we are now in the era of the knowledge worker and the knowledge worker is more often a mobile worker.

Agile project management methodology could be the key factor for organizing the progressive process. Agile working embraces both the physical and digital “workplace” in empowering and supporting people to work where, when and how they choose to maximise their productivity, innovation and ultimately to deliver best value to the organisation.

2. Remote Scrum – Why & How? (by Assaf Almaz)

Abstract: McAfee Use Case about how utilizing Scrum is a key factor in productivity improvement while working with Remote Teams


3. Remote Agile – Getting the most of remote teams interaction using JIRA, Confluence & HipChat (by Shirley Cohen)

Abstract: “Individuals and interactions over processes and tools” is the first value in the Agile Manifesto.

The benefits of remote teams aren’t without some trade-offs. For many teams, it’s difficult to adopt the agile practice without the face-to-face interactions.

Using Atlassian tools like JIRA, Confluence & HipChat can help teams overcome the difficulties of interacting remotely and getting the most value out of their interactions.


The meetup agenda:

18:30 – Mingling and Munching

19:00 – Ilana will share from her knowledge and experience

19:30 – Assaf will share from his experience

20:00 – Short Break

20:15 – Shirley will share from her knowledge and experience

20:45 – Re-Mingling

About the Speakers

Ilana Vaiman

Organisational Coach

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Bio: Ilana has over 10 years of managerial experience in digital technologies in education and as an organisational coach.

Ilana advises to high-performing managers and organisations, on development and implementation of effective projects management methodology. Her approach is particularly successful, due to combination with Time management training, helping to reduce stress and improve productivity.

Ilana has co-founded innovative.works, an organizational methodology startup that helps managers to improve employee motivation and helps organizations adopt innovative ways of working.

Ilana has trained employees of private and public sector organizations.



Assaf Almaz

Director of the data loss research and development group at McAfee

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Bio: The group consists of more than 70 developers and QA experts in three sites – Israel, India and England.
Has implemented Scrum with the assistance of Haim Deutsch, Agile Spirit’s CEO.


Shirley Cohen

Atlassian Experts team leader at Manageware

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Bio: Shirley is a senior consultant, specializing in the improvement of ALM processes, focusing in Agile methodologies.

For the Past 6 years Shirley has managed and delivered many ALM tools implementations projects in various organizations, Combining known best practices and specific organizations needs.

ALM tools including JIRA, Confluence, Rational CLM and DOORS.

I am MBA graduate from Tel-Aviv University and a Certified Scrum Master(CSM)




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