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Modern Leadership Conference

Thursday, Jan. 11th. 8:30 till 11:45 @ Microsoft Auditorium, Hapnina 2, Raanana

Agile-Spirit is launching Agile Café Meetups as part of our Agile Nation community activitybringing together all Agile leaders, enriching participants with recent Agile related topics and case studies, delivered by top Mentors & Lecturers.

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Invitees: Directors, CEO’s, VP R&D’s, CTO’s, Project Managers, Program Managers, Portfolio Managers, VP HR


Agile Spirit partnering with the Israeli chapter of the PMI (project Management Institute) and Microsoft, inviting you to a conference with three insightful talks –


1. Leading the organization from Fragility to anti-Fragility (by Haim Deutsch)

Abstract: The XXI century brought a new much challenging environment jeopardizing our organizations and enforcing us, as leaders, to change our vision, our behaviors and our mindset, bringing agility into our leadership style.
This lecture will share some insights, research based, to help us create extraordinary organization able to lead the market in such a cyclonic environment.
In the first part, while using the model of Nassim Nicholas Taleb, we will define the four quadrants of organization state: Fragile, Robust, Resilient and Anti-Fragile and explain each one through real life examples.
Then, in the second part, we will show the use of Bill Joiner’s model for leadership to move between the four quadrants while defining five principles which will help us achieve it, and how one will lead the organization to move from Fragility to Anti-Fragility.

2. Liberated Company : How to Unleash Employee Initiative and Potential (by Prof. Isaac Getz)

Keynote Outline –

We often hear that employees lack meaning at work and are not engaged enough. It’s seemingly true: in a traditional organization very few employees come to work because they share with it a deep purpose and once at their workplace, few take initiatives. But this appearance is false: many of the same employees are extremely dynamic and engaged once they leave their company’s doors. They take responsibilities in their small municipality, children sports clubs, launch associations, run amateur musical performances… But the ideas they have regarding their work, they prefer to share them with their friends and family—not with their organization.

Imagine now organizations in which the employees are free and responsible to take any initiative they themselves decided as being the best for their organization. Imagine that these organizations reach the top performance of their industries during decades. Imagine finally that their employees are not only engaged, creative and see the deep meaning in what they do but are also happy… A dream? Absolutely not! Hundreds of organizations like this exist today, of all sizes, geographies and industries, in private and public sectors. Most weren’t like that once created but were transformed thanks to corporate liberation guided by their liberating leaders.


In his conference Prof. Getz will discuss corporate liberation. By presenting in a lively fashion concrete cases he studied firsthand, he will draw key lessons that organizations and their leaders can use to unleash the employee initiative and potential they have.

3. Empower your employees with Microsoft 365 (by Adi Crystal)

The meetup agenda:

8:30 – Mingling and Munching

9:00 – Welcoming by the Agile Nation Community and the PMI

9:10 – Haim Deutsch lecture about ‘from Fragility to anti-Fragility’

9:50 –  Q&A with Haim

10:00 – Isaac Getz lecture about the ‘Liberated Company’

10:50 – Q&A with Isaac

11:00 – 15 min break

11:15 – Adi Crystal lecture about Empowering employees with Microsoft 365

11:45 – Re-Mingling




About the Speakers

Prof. Isaac Getz

ESCP Europe Business School (Paris, France)


Bio: In 2009, he co-published the book Freedom, Inc. with Brian M. Carney, which introduced the concept of “freedom-based company” or “liberated company” (במהדורה העברית חופש בע”מ). Based on the field study of several dozen companies, such as W. L. Gore, USAA, Harley Davidson, Sun Hydraulics, Richards Group, IDEO, Chaparral Steel, FAVI, and SOL, it described the role of corporate—liberating—leaders to build organizational environment based on freedom and responsibility. The revised and expanded edition has been published in 2016. Book’s editions have also appeared in France, Sweden, Hungary, Czech Republic, Netherlands, India, South Korea, China, Romania, and in 2017, in Israel. In France, the book won the Best Business Book award in 2013 and is the N°1 bestselling business book of the last 4 years.

Before becoming a professor at ESCP Europe and visiting professor at Cornell and Stanford, he has studied Computer Science (M.Sc.), Information Systems (in TAU Recanati), Psychology (PhD) and Management (PhD). Isaac studied over 300 companies in 30 countries and published research on innovation, leadership, corporate transformation, employee engagement, and freedom and responsibility culture.

Isaac is a sought after speaker on the topics of innovation, transformation, and liberating leadership, and gave executive conferences, keynotes and training seminars for several thousand companies, organizations, and summits on four continents.

A 2016 study by FNEGE (The French National Foundation for the Management and Business Education) on the world 50 most influential living management thinkers ranked Isaac at N°4.


Haim Deutsch

Founder and CEO, Agile Spirit Ltd.


Bio: Haim is a 25 year veteran in the software development industry. During this period he was leading Israeli High-tech enterprises, filling all roles beginning as a programmer to VP R&D.

Haim is a Technion alumnus, holds a B.Sc in Computer Sciences and is a certified Project Manager and Program Manager by the Technion.

He was certified in 2007 as an MCI (Master Coach Isreali) by ICA (Israeli Coaching Association) and the Technion as well as an EMCI (Executive Master Coach Israeli).

Haim has been practicing SCRUM since 2005, being one of Agile pioneers in Israel. He was certified as a SCRUM Master on 2006 and is 282-nd CSM to be certified worldwide, received his Practitioner certification (CSP) in 2007, and since October 2008, became a Certified Scrum Coach (CSC), being the first and only in Israel and France. Haim got his CST (Certified Scrum Trainer) in 2010. Haim has proven success as a consultant and a coach with organizations throughout Israel and French speaking countries (France, Luxembourg, Belgium, Switzerland) recovering control over the highly uncertain world of Software development.

Haim is a recognized speaker in many  IT conferences including Israeli PMI, ITC Forum, Technion, IDF/8200 and more. He has developed models such as: “The Bug Budget model”, the “Velocity Model” and lately -the “Quality Spirale model”.

Haim have been a member of the CSM evaluation test review team, a member of the PMP-APM certification review team and CSC application review team.

Haim is the Israeli pioneer of Agile Leadership new program of the Scrum Alliance.

Beleiving in the change of the spirit, haim has founded Agile Spirit at February 2015 (formerly known as Agile Planet), providing individuals, managers, teams and organizations with best Agile practices for achieving their goals while, equally important – enjoying their journey.

Doing Agile will get you somewhere while Being Agile will get you Anywhere…” (Haim Deutsch’s motto)


Adi Crystal

Office 365 business group lead, Microsoft Israel



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