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Agile PM Metrics – Café Meetup

Google Tel-Aviv Campus. Electra Tower. 98 Igal Alon St., 34th Floor | 25 Sept. 2017

Agile-Spirit is launching an Agile Café Meetup as part of our Agile Community activitybringing together all Agile leaders, enriching participants with recent Agile related topics and case studies, delivered by top Mentors & Lecturers.

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At this meetup we’re going to have two insightful talks –


1. Advanced Agile Project Dashboard  (by Avidan Hetzroni)

Abstract: Agile projects are operating in an iterative learning cycles of Plan-Do-Check-Act (or Adjust) which enables PMOs and RTEs to bring high visibility into the project progress, using a set of metrics that are useful to made appropriate adjustments to teams’ work. Following agile principle #7 “Working software is the primary measure of progress”, many projects are typically using Velocity and Release Burnup charts to control their program execution and predict it end-game success. Is that enough? What other metrics they should use?


In this session we will demonstrate the use of Agile Project Dashboard, with a set of key important metrics used by the PMOs and RTEs to share and communicate with business people, stakeholders and agile teams about the program progress, risks and their impact on the overall product strategy.

Press for Avidan’s presentation: Agile Project Management Dashboard

2. Data driven continuous improvement – The Agile KPIs you cannot do without! (by Rachel BenHanoch)

Abstract: Scrum teams work very hard to deliver the defined highest business value on time and on quality. We use planning to ensure efficiency, and retrospectives to ‘inspect and adapt’.

We know that we get better when the number of complaints drop in retrospectives, or when we see that we actually delivered most of what we planned for. But is it good enough?
Well, we all preach for the Lean values ‘Build Measure Learn’ for releasing product MVPs, but do we also ensure that our delivery process enjoys the same data-driven decision making and improvements?

In this Meetup we will learn what are the must-have KPIs that every distinguished scrum master must track, what are the nice-to-haves, and what are the advanced ones that we should strive to be measuring.
At the end of the session, you will know what to measure, how to read the findings, and how to act upon them.
Inspect, Analyse, Adapt.

Press for Rachel presentation: Agile PM Metrics


The meetup agenda:

18:30 – Mingling and Munching

19:00 – Avidan will share from his knowledge and experience

19:30 – Q&A with Avidan

19:40 – Short Break

19:50 – Rachel will share from her knowledge and experience

20:20 – Q&A with Rachel

20:30 – Re-Mingling

About the Speakers

Avidan Hetzroni

Senior Agile Mentor, Trainer & Coach

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Bio: Avidan is a goal driven change-agent, with rich experience in leading and deploying agile/lean methodologies and process improvements at the area of system/software engineering, project management and software quality assurance.

On his latest position at Cisco Security division he deployed agile transition, including:

  • Gap analysis and establishment of agile transition plan
  • Leading agile transition with senior managers (acting as Agile Steering Committee)
  • Building small sized, cross-functional scrum teams
  • Train agile teams and management on agile value, principles, scrum roles and practices
  • Mentoring scrum teams on their daily work to perform their ceremonies effectively
  • Focus on reduction of context switch, short sprints and well-defined user stories
  • Support development of technical debt reduction plan and execution
  • Train scrum teams to perform effective retrospectives using problem solving techniques

At Motorola Solution Israel Design Center, Avidan lead the deployment of agile/lean practices across the Israel design center divisions and act as Enterprise coach to pilot Scaled Agile Framework at Motorola cooperate level.

Avidan has over two decades expertise in software quality management and process improvements based on CMMI and other industrial standards.

Avidan is the trainer at our LEADING SAFE® 4.0 – SA CERTIFICATE COURSE



Rachel BenHanoch

Senior Agile Mentor & Coach

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Bio: Rachel has 20 years of comprehensive experience in leading positions in product management, project management, software development and operations.
She served in a variety of executive positions, at both startups and large companies such as Seebo (IoT), Powermat (Wireless Charging), Msystems/Sandisk (Disk-on-key based systems), Telmap (Mobile Navigation applications), Selis (IT), Alchemedia (Security), and more.

She became passionate about Agile methodologies and Scrum when she was Director of PMO (Project management office) at Telmap and was challenged with ever changing plans, and Gantts that could not last for more than 2 days due to frequent high volume pressure from customers. Rachel knew there had to be a better way. She did a CSM certification, followed by a CSP certification, and became the change advocate in Telmap. With Haim Deutsch’s mentorship, she implemented Scrum and trained the teams in a multi site-multi-national RnD organization. The result was a total transformation in product delivery, team synchronization, customer satisfaction, predictability, accountability, team ownership and mostly on-time-delivery at a very high quality.

Rachel became a strong advocate for Agile methodologies and since then initiated and led the transformation of the development methodology at both Powermat and Seebo, where she served as VP Product.
She is an expert in the transformation and implementation process, and due to her wide experience in several verticals in delivery organizations, including development, project and product management, she is able to lead such a change with minimum objections and maximum satisfaction by all stakeholders – Management, employees and customers alike.




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