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Agile Contracts – Café Meetup

Google Tel-Aviv Campus. Electra Tower. 98 Igal Alon St., 34th Floor | 5 Dec. 2017

Agile-Spirit is launching an Agile Café Meetup as part of our Agile Community activitybringing together all Agile leaders, enriching participants with recent Agile related topics and case studies, delivered by top Mentors & Lecturers.

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If you’re a: Lawyer, Accountant,  Purchasing Manager, CEO, CFO, Business Dev, CTO, VP R&D or holds any role involved with contracting between commercial parties, don’t miss this Meetup!


At this meetup we’re going to have three insightful talks –


1. Client – Vendor Agile Contract: Can it be a Win-Win? (Case study by Eli Ehrman)

Abstract: Management of a SW company ‘ABC’ developing surveillance systems , defined a need for a very large and new feature rich Android application .

After weeks of tough negotiations an Agile Contract was signed.

How was it done ? You are invited to join the lecture and hear all about.

2. Agile Contracts Through the Legal Looking Glass (by Adv. Tuvyah Aronoff)

Abstract: Agile projects aim to reduce risks by delivering early value, thus revealing early when something goes wrong.
ontract lawyers aim to reduce risks by anticipating hiccups, allocating their potential risk between commercial parties while using language designed to achieve clear, objective solutions within a pre-prepared contract.

So, what has changed ?

In this session we will explore the disruption to traditional legal contracts following the spread of cutting edge Agile principles.

We will demonstrate how those Agile principles play out in a contract negotiation between commercial parties, point out the red lines for both sides when negotiating agile based deals, and suggest some possible win-win solutions.

3. Creating the right attitude to deliver via an Agile Contract (by Martin Kearns)

Abstract: Agile Contracts – how differ are they from contracts for waterfall projects? How contracts can deal with scope changes, major disturbances or delays during development? What you can do to ensure that contracts enable agile behavior and help all those involved to work together based on an agile mindset? What is the role that lawyers can have when organizations want to use contracts with agile software development, and what organizations have to do themselves to be able to use agile contracts?


Read more in this interview with Martin about: Contracting to Enable Agile Behavior

The meetup agenda:

18:30 – Mingling and Munching

19:00 – Eli will share from his knowledge and experience

19:20 – Q&A with Eli

19:30 – Tuvyah will share from his knowledge and experience

20:00 – Q&A with Tuvyah

20:10 – Short Break

20:20 – Martin will join us through skype from Australia

20:50 –  Q&A with Martin

21:00 – Re-Mingling

About the Speakers

Eli Ehrman

Senior Agile Mentor & Coach


Bio: Eli Ehrman is an experienced Software Developer, Team Leader and Agile Project Manager with a 20 year track record of leading multidisciplinary matrix organized and globally distributed technology projects from marketing inception through implementation to customer satisfaction.
Eli has extensive R&D experience, driving Project Management best practices and Quality enhancements into products.

Eli’s highly Noted Achievements – Loves to ‘Practice and to Preach’ :

Agile Scrum Master of over 20 Man-year Multi-site, multi-product solution Project – led project to successful customer releases.
Created Software Project Management Role in ECI – Integrated PM Best Practices and methodologies until reached they a successful and mature state through-out the company.
Led Data Platform development to hundreds of installations worldwide
Led over 20 Projects from inception to customer adoption and satisfaction.
Author and PMI presenter of ‘Diamonds are Forever’ – innovative project management concept
Eli’s mission : Making Agile Viral by acting as a model Agile Project Manager and Scrum Master and by mentoring and inspiring all to buy-in and join.

Agile is Free’ – Open for all to adopt , anytime, anywhere and for any project. (Eli Ehrman’s Motto)


Tuvyah Aronoff

Attorney (US and Israel)


Bio: Adv. Tuvyah (Terry) Aronoff is a Founding Partner and Co-Manager of Schwell Wimpfheimer & Associates Law Offices (Israel) and Of Counsel to the international law firm of Kilpatrick Townsend & Stockton LLP (US).

He is an accomplished commercial, mergers & acquisitions, and entertainment lawyer with 30 years’ experience (the last 15 in Israel) advising start-ups, small businesses, and public companies. Mr. Aronoff has helped his clients close deals with some of the most recognizable names in American business, including Google, Amazon, ExxonMobil, Disney, AT&T, NBCUniversal, Sony, General Mills, Fox, Bank of America, MacMillan, Marvel, and Viacom. He has been on the front lines of several battles to create a balanced, user friendly agile development contract and is eager to share his war stories and learn from fellow warriors in the never-ending quest for the perfect agile contract.


Martin Kearns

Agile Advisor, Coach and Trainer


Bio: Martin is a pioneer in the field of Agile, he was one of first three certified enterprise coaches in the world by the Scrum Alliance. He was also accredited as an Agile expert by Dr. Alistair Cockburn and has been a practitioner in Agile methods for over 12 years. His pragmatic approach and genuine thirst for personal growth is evident in his authentic stories and examples he uses to illustrate concepts in a training setting.




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