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Certified Scrum Master Course

18-19 March. 2018 | Beit Heuss, Bazel St.16, Herzliya Pituach

This course will immerse you into the Agile experience so you will understand the Scrum Master role in depth and learn the necessary practices to succeed as a Scrum Master.

This course will certify you a CSM by the official Scrum Alliance organization.

This course will grant you with 16 PDU’s by the Projects Management Institute (PMI).

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Course Agenda

This two-days Certified Scrum Master training literally immerses deeply the participants into the Agile environment turning Scrum and the role of the Scrum Master into a vivid lived reality.

Attending this course will enable you tso understand the Scrum Master role in depth and learn the practices necessscrary to succeed as a Certified Scrum Master as well why a process as simple as Scrum can have such a significant influence on the organization.

During the training you will participate in a journey through the origins of Agile, the fundamental principles of Scrum, the goals and practices of the different ceremonies, and the complexity of the role of the Scrum Master.


You Will Learn 

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  • How to write a usable product backlog
  • Innovative techniques for filling the sprint backlog
  • How to show value to customers and stakeholders.
  • How to deal with multi-site teams.
  • How to succeed 100% to meet timelines
  • How to successfully scale the role of the Scrum Master

Prerequisites: Past Experience in R&D required, and having read at least one Scrum book.


Certified Scrum Master Course Agenda                           

1st day: Experiencing the Agile Spirit

⇒ Introduction

  • Ice breaker

⇒ Scrum Framework

  • Scrum Defined
  • Scrum Foundations
  • Product backlog
  • Sprint Backlog
  • Sprint – The heartbeat of the organization
  • Scrum Time Boxed events

⇒ What is Agile?

  • Myth & Reality
  • Agile Manifesto & Certificate
  • Product Increment
  • Agile tools
    • Focus
    • Adding fuzziness
    • Goal & Pace
  • Agile core practices
    • Inspect & Adapt
    • Iterative & Incremental development
  • Defined Vs Empirical

⇒ Agile vs. Waterfall

  • The Scrum Game
    • Release Plan
    • Effort estimation
    • Prioritization
    • Sprint Planning
    • Earned Business Value chart
    • Velocity
    • ROI
    • Project predictability
    • How to succeed 100% times to stick to time goals
    • Agile contracts

⇒ Applicability of Scrum

⇒ Pigs & Chicken revisited


2nd day: Practicing Agile/Scrum

⇒ Planning

  • Estimation and Sizing 4 Techniques
  • North-South enterprise role model
  • The Time perception conflict
  • Product backlog refinement
  • Scaling the Product Backlog
  • Backlog Grooming
  • Release planning meeting
  • Sprint Burn down Charts
  • Release BurnDown chart
  • Definition of Done

⇒ Roles

  • The Product Owner (in a nutshell)
    • Scaling the Product Owner role
  • The Team
    • Draw me a sheep
    • Self-Organization
  • The Scrum Master
    • The Scrum Master – Myth & Reality
    • Hard/Soft Skills
    • Agile Spirit
    • Brain Sciences at the service of the Scrum Master
    • The Attractor
    • The power of the scrum master
    • Team empowerment
    • Inspiration

⇒ 4 Core Scrum Events + 1

  • Sprint planning
  • Daily Meeting
  • Sprint Review meeting
  • Sprint Retrospective meeting
  • Grooming

⇒ Advanced Scrum

  • Distributed Scrum
  • Scaling Scrum
  • Scrum of Scrum

⇒ Wrap up

⇒ Course Retrospective

⇒ Conclusion


Certified scrum master training course turns theory into action through multiple real life stories, and a wide variety of workshops and practical exercises including:  the Scrum Master responsibilities, the art of leading people without authority, the necessary competences to grow team members, change the reality of the team, and powerfully lead the mindset-change.

Along with “Doing Agile” such as: sprint planning, get sprint commitment and hold properly a retrospective you will learn the art of “Being Agile” including: team building, advantage taking of early customer feedback and emergent requirements, and the flexibility adapting to a constantly changing environment.

Certified scrum master course will provide you with understanding of how to be able to forecast ASAP the impact of actual challenges on release scopes and time objectives. In addition, you will learn how to develop your team, how to manage changes and create the correct priorities in effective cooperation with the Product Owner during Sprint meetings.
This interactive course teaches practical techniques through instructions and hands-on exercises.


About the Trainer

Haim Deutsch

Founder and CEO, Agile Spirit Ltd.

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Haim is a 25 year veteran in the software development industry. During this period he was leading Israeli High-tech enterprises, fulfilling all roles beginning as a programmer up to R&D manager.

Haim is a Technion alumnus, holds a B.Sc in Computer Sciences and is a certified Project Manager and Program Manager by the Technion. He was certified in 2007 as an MCI (Master Coach Isreali) by ICA (Israeli Coaching Association) and the Technion, and either as an EMCI (Executive Master Coach Israeli). Haim have been practicing SCRUM since 2005, and thus was one of Agile pioneers in Israel. He was certified as a SCRUM Master on 2006 and is 282-nd CSM to be certified worldwide, received his Practitioner certification (CSP) in 2007, and since October 2008, became a Certified Scrum Coach, being the first and only CSC in Israel and in France. Haim got his CST (Certified Scrum Trainer) in 2010. Haim has proven success as a consultant and a coach with organizations throughout Israel and French speaking countries (France, Luxembourg, Belgium, Switzerland) recovering control over the highly uncertain world of Software development.
Haim is a recognized speaker in many  IT conferences including Israeli PMI, ITC Forum, Technion, IDF/8200 and more.
Haim has developed “The Bug Budget model”, the “Velocity Model” and lately -the “Quality Spirale” model.

Haim have been a member of the CSM evaluation test review team, a member of the PMP-APM certification review team, CSC application review team.

Haim is the Israeli pioneer of Agile Leadership new Scrum Alliance program

Doing Agile will get you somewhere while Being Agile will get you Anywhere..” (Haim Deutsch’s motto)



  • The training materials as well as the training delivery was very high level.

    It is obvious that much can be learned from Haim which considerably has extensive experience!

    (CSM, Herzlia, April. 2015)


    Project Manager, Israel Electric Company
  • The CSM course allows the participant a deep familiarity with the world of Agile and preparation for the role of the Scrum Master. The course turns to different levels of knowledge and a wide range of audience. The course was fascinating, was delivered in a high-level methodology and highlighted the varied dilemmas and Case Studies.

    (CSM, Herzlia, May. 2016)


    Projects Manager, Leumi Card
  • Pleasent Mentor. Made a group of 13 strangers to feel like a unified team for 2 days.

    (CSM, Herzelia, March 2016)


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