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Agile QA/Testing Course

19-20 Nov. 2017 | Beit Heuss, Bazel St.16, Herzliya Pituach

To stay in the game, QA engineers need to MASTER agile methodologies.
This course takes QA leads and engineers deeper than ever before into the heart of the agile organization.
We’ll identify new skillsets, new tools and new ways of testing that are critical for running proper QA in the modern software company.

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Course Agenda

Agile QA – 2 day course + Bonus


In our Agile Testing Course You will learn:

√ The principles and practices of Agile Methodologies: Scrum, Kanban, Lean, Safe.


You will be able to:

√ Fit into an agile team
√ Effectively communicate with the ScrumMaster, the Product Owner and the Team
√ Be effective in sprint Planning, Review, Dailies and Retrospectives
√ Write an agile test plan
√ Create a testing charter
√ Properly and quickly give time estimations
√ Carry out risk analysis
√ Manage stress and survive tons of work

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Who should Attend our Agile QA:

  • QA Leads
  • Senior QA Engineers
  • QA Engineers who aim to be at the top of their profession


Day 1

Module 1 – Understanding the Agile Spirit

  1.     Lean Manufacturing and the Toyota Revolution

How TPS changed the world and what we learn from it.

  1.     Utah, we have a problem

The software crisis, the agile manifesto

  1.     SCRUM

A better way to create software

Module 2 – Practical Agile

  1.     SCRUM Applied

Terms, roles, artifacts, ceremonies, process.

  1.     SCRUM Delivered

Continuous integration, continuous delivery, continuous QA?

  1.     SCRUM Overkill

Estimation, accounting and over-processing

  1.     Agile Testing
  2.     Different Job, different mindset

Day 2

Module 3 – The QA Role in an Agile Company

  1.     Risk management as a profession
  2.     Test Driven Development
  3.     Continuous integration and test automation
  4.     Automated Unit tests
  5.     Automated Acceptance tests
  6.     Automation: UI Test vs. API Test
  7.     Tools and methodologies
  8.     Test Plan vs. Exploratory Testing
  9.     The testing charter

Module 4 – Day to Day

  1.     Developers and QA
  2.     PM and the QA
  3.     SM and the QA
  4.     Bug Management during sprints
  5.     Managing Documentation in a changing environment
  6.     QA in Planning
  7.     QA in Daily scrum and during the sprint
  8.     QA in Review
  9.     QA in Retrospective
  10.  Production bugs and Support Calls


Bonus for early registration:

An intimate afternoon session with a QA Lead of an Agile company: Visit an agile company and hear inside stories and tips from someone who made the transition from Waterfall QA to Agile QA. Participants will be given a chance to raise their questions and discuss real challenges from their everyday work.


About the Trainer

Arik Diamant

With over 18 years of experience in the software industry, Arik brings a broad and eclectic experience in a variety of roles: QA Automation Expert, Developer, Team Leader, Solution Architect, Product Manager, QA Manager, and in the past 5 years- Agile Coach.
Arik has founded 2 companies and has headed delivery teams of over 50 people.

Arik use Lean, Safe and Scrum to help companies deliver great software without pain.


  • Arik’s resourcefulness, creativity and passion to do things better, more efficiently and to think out of the box drove the team to achieving their goals and reaching a successful project outcome.

    Ran Erman

    Delivery and Support Director, Personetics
  • Arik’s great process management skills and his wonderful personality, make learning from him a truly wonderful experience.

    Daniel Levitt

  • I recommend Arik for his personal skills as well as for his professional experience.

    Yair Lieberthal

    Senior Director, Strategic Initiatives at Thomson Reuters
  • Arik knows how to analyze the teams needs, suggest practical ideas and share his experience


    Poject Manager, Thomson Reuters
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