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In our agile mentoring We integrate different methodologies from various disciplines – Agile, organizational consulting, executive accompaniment, team empowerment, interpersonal communication, etc. – creating a dynamic and up-to-date toolkit for our customers, enabling them to choose the methods and adopt only the The processes that really fit them and the nature of their activity.

Our mission is to help you and your organization to overcome successfully XXI century unique challenges.


At Agile Spirit we don’t trust Consultants telling you what to do and how to do it!

We neither trust Experts doing the job in your place

And we neither trust Coaches working on the soft side but are disconnected from practical concrete life and its constraints

They teach people agile with workshops, books,

courses, methodologies,

conferences framework, often bring results, but achieve only temporary results


We are craving for never-ending results.

That is why we are offering Mentoring, and we have a well-defined agenda.

In place of trying to adapt the organization to methodologies and frameworks, we created mentoring platforms specifically designed for managers, High-tech big companies, Start-ups and non-IT organizations.

These holistic platforms will enable us to fine-tune and adapt frameworks, methodologies, tools and coaching to your specific eco-system, in full collaboration and bring the most durable results by teaching your organization to use these platforms and to adapt to a constantly changing world.


Agile Mentoring is not for you if:

  • You have the illusion to get immediate “zbeng” transformation
  • You think that you can learn from courses only
  • You think we will do your job
  • You don’t trust your teams
  • You don’t fully commit


The Platform concept allows us to focus on the transition and adaptation accompaniment, not on “Doing Agile” but on Becoming Agile.

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